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Shorty Produkshins is an Online Promotions Company specializing in Social Branding and Event Marketing via Advanced Internet Marketing and SEO tactics in Orlando, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Memphis, Detroit and more areas around the world. Originally known for Pittsburgh Hip Hop and Hip Hop Orlando, Shorty Produkshins expanded into Atlanta Hip Hop, Memphis Hip Hop, and Detroit Hip Hop, as well as Internet Marketing Orlando, Internet Marketing Pittsburgh, Internet Marketing Memphis and Detroit, as well as Internet Marketing Atlanta. Shorty Produkshins is also the "go-to" for Orlando Event Marketing, Orlando Social Branding, Pittsburgh Social Branding, Event Marketing Pittsburgh, and Social Branding in Altanta, Event Marketing Atlanta, Memphis, and Detroit. Shorty Produkshins is a New Era in Royalty... And reminds you to Brand Social.
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Internet Marketing Telephone Consultation with a specialist can save your brand time and money, while meeting the needs of your personal convenience with services available 24 hours a day.


24/7 Internet Marketing Consultation via Phone.

Consultation is often purchased in hourly increments, whether the full hour is used or not, and is often scheduled during times that may or may not be conveinient for the client. Futhermore, the average rate of consultancy per hour starts at the elevated price of $200 for that hour that may go unused. J. Abraham Consultants insists on providing quality, professional and affordable consultation to clientele around the clock for the conveinience of the busy consumer. That being said, consultation is almost always available, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week!

Currently J. Abraham Consultants has teamed up with MyPhoneSite to offer six free minutes to new clients seeking servicing in the areas of Internet Marketing, Social Branding, Event Marketing and Entertainment Business. To take advantage of this offer, one may call directly through (877) 814-6794 using the extension of 108368. Or, visit our billing and calling platform by clicking here.

If you have Ingenio already or prefer AT&T business platforms, you can visit our profile on Ingenio's Consultant Platform or use your customer number and contact us via the Ingenio Telephone System by dialing (888) INGENIO with Extension 04169829. We'll be standing by to take your call and get your project on the road! Thanks! By the way, you will receive three free minutes just or using the Ingenio service.

J. Abraham Consultants lends advice and consultation in the areas of Internet Marketing, Social Branding and Entertainment Business to clients both large and small. Because these industries are ever-changing, it is often imperative to find consultation in an experienced individual, who has earned tenure and understanding of such industries and that is rapidly gaining new knowledge and insight of new technologies and techniques through hands-on experience and research.





Keep your peace at mind with our Per-Minute Telephone Consultation:

  • Easy-to-Use
  • Private Calls and Billing
  • Annonymous Capabilities
  • Secure Network
  • Internet Marketing Plans Available
  • Service Available 24/7
  • No-Strings-Attached FREE Trial
  • Choice Telephone Platform
  • Professional Service
  • Cheap Per-Minute-Rates
  • Ent. Business Consultation Available






While J. Abraham Consultants cannot lend the legal council as an actual Entertainment Lawyer and should not be held responsible for any decisions made in the career path of individual or brand, the information brought to the table is invaluable to the party seeking advice and detailed strategy for their related concerns. J. Abraham Consultants makes it a point to learn up-to-date trade practices, laws and techniques, while actually engaging in such activities in other ventures. Bringing fresh ideas and great insight into the individual action plans of each and every client, J. Abraham Consultants strives to bring quality and value into the successful career potential of these clients for many years to come.












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Internet Marketing Consultant

Internet Marketing Orlando Consultant and Internet Marketing Pittsburgh Specialist, Jessica N Abraham gives 24 hours telephone consultation for Internet Marketing and Entertainment Business questions and concerns.

Jessica N. Abraham
(877) 814-6794 Ext: 108368


J. Abraham Consultants lends advice and consultation in the areas of Internet Marketing, Social Branding and Entertainment Business to clients both large and small. Because these industries are ever-changing, it is often imperative to find consultation in an experienced individual, who has earned tenure and understanding of such industries and that is rapidly gaining new knowledge and insight of new technologies and techniques through hands-on practice and research.


Jessica N. Abraham is an expert in Advanced Internet Marketing Strategy and has been involved in both the Worlds of Internet Marketing and Entertainment Business for over ten years. Highly respected amongst her peers and long list of clientele, Jessica N. Abraham helps brands to succeed through Internet Marketing Consultation and Execution.

Through work within the industry, she has gained much experience, as well as through experimentation and traditional training. Jessica holds an Associate of Science Degree in Recording Arts, in addition to a Bachelor's and Master's in Entertainment Business, Master of Science in Internet Marketing and Master of Fine Arts in Media Design.

Her past and current clientele consists of other Marketing Firms and Agencies seeking freelance and outsourcing services, celebrities, artists, musicians, record labels, studios, actors, athletes, festivals, events, venues, non profit organizations, charitites, clothing companies, social networks, small businesses and more!

internet marketing consultation in orlando offers services by telephone
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Discounts and Special Rates may be available.










Elements of Internet Marketing: The importance of the press release.



event marketing


Elements of Internet Marketing 101: Brand Social (On Demand).



event marketing



Elements of Internet Marketing: Copywriting


event marketing


Elements of Internet Marketing: Blogging









Advanced Internet Marketing & SEO Tactic.

Shorty Produkshins optimizes all content deliverables for distribution on the web and for accelerated placement within search engines. Any content created by Shorty Produkshins will be customized for higher search rankings and to ensure successful Brand Awareness to specific target audiences. Often misunderstood, Search Engine Optimization is more than the placement of a few keywords and remains a much deeper science than multiple backlinks pointing to one web presence. We have mastered this science. We are Shorty Produkshins.





Social Branding
Shorty Produkshins provides Social Branding to major metropolitan areas like Internet Marketing Orlando, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Memphis and Detroit.

Event Marketing
Let Shorty Produkshins pack your venue with high class Event Marketing services. A mixture of SEO, landing pages, Social Networking, Event Branding, Sponsorship, Event Sites, Blogging, Press Releases and MORE will get your Event to be a talked about success!

Design Strategies

Shorty Produkshins has been known for quality graphic design, including design for logos, flyers, cd album covers, dvd covers, and even web sites!


Public Relations
Shorty Produkshins now provides services in Public Relations, including Press Releases, Blogging, Web Copy, Content Generation, Brand Monitoring and so on!

Mobile Marketing
There are two types of Mobile Marketing for our ever evolving worlds. Shorty Produkshins uses multichannel mobile marketing platforms, such as Trumpia, for delivery to those platforms (i.e. SMS, MMS, Social, iPad, iPhone, etc.). Shorty Produkshins also engages in Mobile Optimization for Mobile Sites and Apps, Mobile Advertising and more!


Through subsidary and subbrand J Abraham Consultants, Jessica N. Abraham of Shorty Produkshins offers 24/7 live telephone consultation through Ingenio and MyPhoneSite.




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Shorty Produkshins offers Internet Marketing specialty in the Areas of Social Branding and Event Marketing through SEO and SEM, design, conversation, interaction, social media and more.






Shorty Produkshins is Internet Marketing Orlando, Social Branding Orlando, Event Marketing Orlando, Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, Memphis and Pittsburgh! Shorty Productions.




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