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Shorty Produkshins, not spelled Shorty Productions, is an Online Promotions Company that specializes in Social Branding and Event Marketing in places like Orlando, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and more!
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What is Shorty Produkshins?

Punxsy Plugged in is the social network dedicated to the town of Punxsutawney, PA, which is known as the Weather Capital of the World and home to the cuddly Punxsutawney Phil the Groundhog of all Groundhogs. This site is dedicated to the businesses, clubs, organizations and events of the small little community.Arab Women Empowered is an Organization dedicated to the mission of empowering Arab American Women in the modern day world, whether in career, school, the arts, business, homelife or lifestyle, Arab Women Empowered dedicates itself to creating sisterhood, a support network and the tool to battling stereotypes surroung the character nature of each woman within our world. Royalty Connected is part of Shorty Produkshins and the Promotions Web created by Shorty Produkshins. Royalty Connected is a barter Marketplace allowing the interaction between consumer and business, as well as business and business in hopes of cross promotions, trendsetting, giveaways, and sponsorship opportunities.
J. Abraham Consultants is a group of Internet Marketing Specialists and Experts offering Social Media, Social Branding, Internet Marketing and Entertainment Business consultation through 24/7 phone consultation. Advice comes from experience in the fields. Jessica N Abraham, otherwise nicknamed Mz Shorty P in the Entertainment World, brings you the latest ideas and throughts about the Internet Marketing Industry through a personal blog that dedicates most of its interests to the notions of Social Branding and Brand YOU. Mz Shorty P, Shorty's Playground, Shorty Produkshins, Shorty Productions, Jessica N Abraham, Internet Marketing Pittsburgh, Internet Marketing Orlando, Hip hop all stars, the annual Florida Music Festival, The Recording Academy's Grammy Showcase and more appear on this Youtube Channel by lilshortydrama.
With Sp2, you can, we can, iCan. Shorty Produkshins encourages and empowers the second generation's ambitious youth by providing them with opinions, advice and an inward look at the entertainment business and possible careers in their future surrounding this field. Shorty Produkshins (pronounced "Shorty Produkshins") is an Online Promotions Company and Internet Marketing firm found in both Pittsburgh and Orlando. Shorty Produkshins specializes in Social Branding and Event Marketing with the aid of advanced Internet Marketing and SEO skillsets. EnvisionedTV is an Online television station that is affiliated with the Envisionment Network social community and promotes business and leadership skills between current entrepreneurs and future business moguls. This site comes with audio, videos, blogs, reviews, and pictures as well as a chat room based on the topic of business.
Royalty Connected is part of Shorty Produkshins and the Promotions Web created by Shorty Produkshins. Royalty Connected is a barter Marketplace allowing the interaction between consumer and business, as well as business and business in hopes of cross promotions, trendsetting, giveaways, and sponsorship opportunities.

Shorty Produkshins is an Online Promotions Company, specializing in Social Branding and Event Marketing through the use of advanced Internet Marketing strategy and accelerated SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Technique.

Let us bring AWARENESS, LOYALTY and TENURE to your brand's presence in bringing your brand much larger audiences and more sales through converting the consuming traffic into customers and loyalists!

Through the means of social media and gathering places, tech and marketing trends, viral marketing efforts and more top secret techniques, we will accomplish the impossible for your brand.

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Social Branding



Shorty Produkshins explains how Social Branding will help all Internet Marketing and Search Engine endeavours for your brand. Brand YOU is the most important and impactful brand to YOU and YOUR COMPANY. Interaction, Tenure, Loyalty, Monitoring, Views,


Shorty Produkshins provides Social Branding of your brand in taking BrandYOU to the next level! Shorty Produkshins promises to bring Brand TENURE, LOYALTY, VIRALITY, VIEWS, PARTICIPATION, AWARENESS, and MORE to your brand's presence on the web and in the eyes of consumers everywhere through live interaction, public relations, monitoring, search engine optimization, revenue generation, niche network creations, widgets and applications, analysis, design strategy and other means of branding cross-platform. All you need is a budget, an idea of what goals you would like to acheive for your brand and a time schedule for that brand's next campaign!

Shorty Produkshins has a history of working with artists, musicians, labels, studios, events, festivals, venues, products, services, business products, small businesses, Online stores, athletes, social networks, and more! Let Shorty Produkshins work with your brand today!


Shorty Produkshins aims to bring AWARENESS to your brand, LOYALTY and TENURE. Social Branding consists of many elements, including Brand Conversation. Through interaction directly to and with your consumer and customer bases, you will see an increase in ROIs and conversions. This is the most natural stage in storytelling, creation of brand personas and Viral Marketing.

While this element may seem quite easy to execute, conversation is much more than engaging in conversation with your audience. Sticking to an archetype (brand persona) is very important. Being too "spammy" can turn off audiences, as well as lead them to distrust you. Let us work for you in developing your brand to its full potential!





Mobile Marketing


Shorty Produkshins offers you and your brand Mobile Marketing and Commerce options to help you promote and market your brand across growing mobile platforms while gaining revenues. Mobile options include Mobile Website Development, Application Design, Mobile Platform Marketing, Mobile Product Creation, SMS Alerts to brand loyalists and more!

Shorty Produkshins provides mobile marketing and updates of all clientele and consumer interest. Text "brandsocial" to 69302 for more information on Shorty Productions, Internet Marketing Pittsburgh, Event Marketing, Internet Marketing Orlando and more!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  Shorty Produkshins provides SEO, Search Engine Optimization, needs for your brand to market itself in Yahoo, Bing, Google, Facebook and other web searches. Organic search results are provided through advanced and accelerated SEO technique.  

Help your brand be found in search engines easily! There are many ways to target your audiences directly, but leading them to you is the first step in Brand Awareness. Allow Shorty Produkshins to optimize your search engine visability through advanced and accelerated SEO tactics. SEO is more than just adding META-tagged keywords to your website or submitting it to be crawled by the Google Spider. Let us get your brand into the eyes of those looking for YOU!

Shorty Produkshins will create a plan of attack through Market Research and SWOT Analysis. In doing so, organic searches will be proven to target audiences at lower budgeting cost than other marketing measures.

Speaking of measurement, ongoing analyzation of SEO efforts will be available with explanation to clients of Shorty Produkshins and subsidiary brands.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)


Shorty Produkshins can help you get your Pay-per-click (PPC) Campaign, otherwise known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), up and running correctly! Don't waste time and money on useless keywords that do not convert to sales or do not help your placement in search engines. Whether it is Google Adwords, Yahoo, Bing or Facebook Advertising, let us help you, today!

  Shorty Produkshins offers PPC (Pay Per Click)/search engine marketing via Adwords, Bing, Yahoo and other paid marketing plans via keyword usage and optimation.  
Event Marketing
Shorty Produkshins offers event marketing for the low price of $500 a month per event or $200 a week for smaller budgets. Shorty Produkshins treats each event as a brand itself to get the word out and fill the house!
Have an event coming up soon? Let us pack your venue. We've been known to have them circle clean around the block JUST to get into your event! Large or small, local or International, we have experience, technique and can work that magic with extremely competitive deals and packages!

Events are priced weekly, monthly or on a per event basis! If you have an upcoming festival, we have cross-promotion options that may mean FREE promotion of your event! Venues, contact us for special pricing of event and branding options


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Shorty Produkshins offers Internet Marketing specialty in the Areas of Social Branding and Event Marketing through SEO and SEM, design, conversation, interaction, social media and more.
  • Budget & Needs-Based Social Branding Packages
  • Weekly and Monthly Event Marketing Deals
  • Mobile Marketing and Commerce Options
  • 24/7 Internet Marketing Telephone Consultation
  • SEO, SEM, and other Internet Marketing Options
  • Design & Interactivity Tools and Maintenance
  • Internet Marketing & Social Branding Action Plans
  • Social Media Creation & Branding
  • Web Development




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