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Shorty Produkshins is an Online Promotions Company specializing in Social Branding and Event Marketing via Advanced Internet Marketing and SEO tactics in Orlando, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Memphis, Detroit and more areas around the world. Originally known for Pittsburgh Hip Hop and Hip Hop Orlando, Shorty Produkshins expanded into Atlanta Hip Hop, Memphis Hip Hop, and Detroit Hip Hop, as well as Internet Marketing Orlando, Internet Marketing Pittsburgh, Internet Marketing Memphis and Detroit, as well as Internet Marketing Atlanta. Shorty Produkshins is also the "go-to" for Orlando Event Marketing, Orlando Social Branding, Pittsburgh Social Branding, Event Marketing Pittsburgh, and Social Branding in Altanta, Event Marketing Atlanta, Memphis, and Detroit. Shorty Produkshins is a New Era in Royalty... And reminds you to Brand Social.
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Shorty Produkshins provides Social Branding to major metropolitan areas like Internet Marketing Orlando, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Memphis and Detroit.

Rising Stars.

People you need to be watching!

Ashton Martin hails as a National Recording Artist from Tampa, Orlando and Detroit in providing dirty south hip hop to the nation. His hybrid of east coast lyricism, midwest flow and dirty south sound bring together a tornado of greatness to this section.

Ashton Martin - Rapper

Benji, Tom and Tony have been childhood friends since the early nineties. This musical threesome have an unquenchable passion for music and an undeniable knack for songwriting. Those oh-so-soulful melodies and catchy chorus will undoubtedly get stuck in your head. And when they do...we hope you will be back for more!

Built to Be Broken - Rock Group

Born and raised in Portsmouth, VA, Chantel is 24 years old and is one of six children. Of the children four were female and one male. However, Chantel never quite fit in with the girls, as you would always catch her jumping out of trees, playing sports, or wrestling-never dancing, playing hopscotch, or roping with the girls. 

As she matured she would always receive comments about her pursuing modeling because of her slim build and abnormal height advantage over her other siblings. Modeling still never crossed her mind as she continued to play sports and focus on athletics throughout her high school and college career. In high school, she used to watch Americas Next Top Model on television and deep inside knew she had what it took to be a model as far as work ethic and dedication, but never felt like she was pretty enough or had the right body for modeling. It wasnt after college that she actually attempted modeling, as she was introduced to a local artist who was really looking for extra girls to be in his video. When approached at the idea, she was timid and afraid at the thought of being on camera. So after that video, she began becoming more and more comfortable in front of the camera. She began setting up her own shoots with local photographers and thats when she realized may have what it takes.

Shortly after, she moved to Orlando, Florida, where she was determined to find different opportunities to get her name out. From promotional modeling for FlyerPromo magazine, GotGirls Inc, Royalty Modeling Troupe, and even a group called Militant Chic Modeling, Chantel felt that she needed to change of pace. She continued to work with other photographers, research events in which they needed models, and also networked with local artists in Orlando. As a result, she was able to feature music videos for independent artists-rock group formerly known as Joy Island, rapper PI Bang, Reggaeton artist Big Leezy, and most recent rapper Nuk Grissle. She wishes to do many more projects in the future.

She is now focusing her career not only videos, but for high fashion, event hosting, commercial, and every aspect of modeling you can imagine to live up to her influences of Marilyn Monroe, Naomi Campbell, and even Tyra Banks. Later on in her career she wishes to start her own foundation for sexually abuse women who may have the desire to model or engage in the entertainment business, basically be her own brand and take advantage of every growing opportunity that she is approached with. Her favorite saying is When I become a household name, thats when Ill know Ive worked my hardest... so until then, lookout for Chantel Cherry.

Chantel Cherry - Model

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA, seasoned performer, Ambition is continuing his journey and grinding away to the top. The all-around-entertainer has already performed at shows alongside Rick Ross, Trey Songz, Kerri Hilson and Eric Bene’t. Not to mention, his brief stint in R&B Group Pretty Ricky as 4Play, professional B-Boy dancing in Get Down Gang, Choreographing and Artist Development for  Blue-Star Artist Crave and appearances in various media outlets including Black Beat Magazine, Right On Magazine, Vibe Magazine, World Up Magazine, the BET Awards and 106 N Park. Coming forward now, he has the Ambition to make it on his own. With his Usher meets Boys II Men style, his songs are sure to grab people’s attention and get their feet tapping. Though, he’s already attributed to people moving their feet with the Hit Top 40 Dance Song, “Diary,” by 11thRecords Recording Artist Tino Coury. Ambition wrote the song, produced by Coury, with Alex Cantrall (Fantasia, Dru Hill, JoJo). Now the A-Game’s changed, though, and Ambition is focusing on writing, recording and performing around the country– trying to make a name for himself. Be on the look out: the mania ensues this fall when the album drops.

Ambition - Singer

Rio.......Many call him the Son of Soul. R&B is revived through Mario Smith aka Rio. He started out his journey in a little southern town named Ripely, TN. There he was raised by his beloved Grandmother Essie Smith, and his Father James Smith. His heart is as rich and colorful as the people who live there. Mario is no stranger to struggle, and he has overcome many obstacles. He has been blessed and nurtured by the love of his family on his road to success. Mario is the youngest of three children. Mario comes from a musically inclined family. His Sister, having a beautiful voice herself, lovingly calls him the Smith family Song Bird. His Father was well known for singing in a Gospel group with his Uncle. Mario loves to talk about hearing his Father sing when he was a little boy. He practiced hard singing into a fan, and intimating Micheal Jackson dance moves to make his Grandmother smile. It wasnt long before everyone knew about his raw natural talent. He not only sings but he makes you feel the music. There was no question about it, Marios voice is a God given gift. Music literally flows through the veins of this unique young artist. After the death of his Grandmother Mario and his family relocated to Iowa where he currently resides. Life in Iowa was a big change from life in Ripley. He continued to sing his heart out. His voice has taken him all over the nation. He has been blessed to work with R&B legends such as Woody from Dru Hill, Calvin Richardson, Steve Russell and Silk. He admits there has been bumps along the road, and big disappointments but his love for music is too big of a part of him for him to ever stop moving toward accomplishing his dreams. Mario was born to sing . Bringing the world soulful melodies and shocking and awing crowds is as enjoyable to him as his fans. His powerful voice and amazing stage presence has left many music lovers wanting more. Many fans have subscribed to Mario on his You-tube account mariosmithmusic. As technology has advanced Rio has been followed, watched, and appreciated for years on my-space, face-book, and you-tube. He easily becomes a favorite on any social site he signs up for. Recently Rio signed a contract with you-tube and is now working on new music videos in HD quality. He has been teamed up with talented, professionals who wont rest until Rio is a household name every time real talent is mentioned. You may be asking yourself why hasnt Rio been signed to a major record label? Why havent I seen him on TV yet? Well I asked him the same questions and in his charismatic, charming, southern way he just smiled and humbly stated that he is on Gods time, and God has not brought him this far to leave him now. Come and follow Rio on his quest to breath life and soul back into R&B for decades to come. You cant help but fall in love with the smooth, soulful, hip melodies coming from such a determined spirit.

Mario Smith - Singer

Lasander Sandy Washington of Pensicola, Florida is one of the best in his industry! He creates sculptures, prosthetic masks and monster makeup like no other!

The Art of Sandman - Prosthetic Masks

I am a rising professional born to entertain. Writing, producing, directing visions as well as playing lead acting, dancing, and vocal roles. I am seeking an agency to take advantage of the artistry I have been sencerely developing for 6 years.

Teddy Jackson - Singer

Clifford McCloud, Lil Pop, of Made Man Entertainment is head of a round table of acts from Jacksonville, Miami and Orlando. Lil Pop is cosigned and endorsed by the likes of Haitian Fresh and Papa Duck with a slew of shared models and style! Orlando Hip Hop and Jacksonville Hip Hop! A Young Artist/Songwriter/Producer From Duval. Raised on the Northside of Jacksonville Pearl Street now residing in Orlando, Fl, who has always had a passion for music. Now a student at Full Sail University in Orlando I am furthering my musical dreams soon to make it into the industry. I am known for my hard core raps and to make the ladies move. Everyone Love to Party to my songs. I am the future of Hip Hop under my own independent label Made Man Ent.

Lil Pop - Business Mogul & Rapper

Rayco Saunders started out innocence as the rest of us. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1974 to a seventeen-year-old single mother. He never knew his father. He learned violence by watching his mother stab his father many times, almost killing his supposed father. At age eleven, he watched his mother die of drug overdose. His eight-year-old brother and baby sister watched as the mother died from drug abuse.        Rayco grew up in a project; the family of his grandmother became closer to survive the neighborhoods. His grandmother primarily raised him, and her eight daughters. He tried to stay in school, and got suspended and expelled. Intelligent boys usually act out of boredom. Busy boys move around a lot and never buckle down to schoolwork.        By age fourteen, he faced arrest for homicide. He served twenty months in juvenile facility, went to court and beat the charges. He got released and joined the streets. Until age twenty, he got arrested for numerous legal issues. In 1994, he went to play basketball with some friends at a recreational center. While there, he saw numerous boxing photos on the wall, of such fighters as Michael Moorer, Evander Holyfield and others. The boxing coach, Chuck Schneff, asked if he knew how to fight. He learned this sport on the streets. In 1995, he received a shot in the left side of his chest. Recently, a death plot discovered by the Pittsburgh police. Two men wanted to bump him off. One of the men knew Mr. Saunders dated a beautiful gal, and wanted to take him out. You wonder how hard you must fall, and if you can ever get back up again.        He became a three time Pittsburgh Golden Glove Champion in 1996, 2001, and 2002. Rayco War Saunders became the Pennsylvania State Champion in 2002, and a member of the Pennsylvania National Golden Glove Team in 2002. He turned professional in August of 2002. He won the NABC Cruiserweight World Title in August of 2004.        Rayco "War" Saunders, who is part of Sin City Boxing, makes no apologies for his checkered past; he only promises for a bright future.He strives to make a positive impact on the inner-city community. Infact, regularly donates tickets for his fights to local youth football and baseball teams.        At his title fight, he sponsored a section for members of the Coalition for Fathering Families, with which he marched with and served as a spokesman on a recent Fathers Day event.        "I don't view it as charity," Saunders said. "There's a lot of young males that are in my situation now. The male that made them -- I don't call them their father -- is not there. He's not taking them to boxing matches, to football and baseball games, like a father is supposed to do.        "If I can bring kids to a fight, I'll do that. It's a chance for them to see something different than what's contained in their neighborhood." "You can't know where you're going if you don't know where you came from," Saunders said. "I'm going to take advantage of this opportunity."

Rayco "War" Saunders - Boxer/Author

Hard work and dedication are not strangers to the awe-inspiring and humble recording engineer, known as Ruben Infante. A superstar engineer who studied at Full Sail University, Ruben came into this industry by way of Puerto Rico, where he was born and raised!

Ruben Infante - Recording Engineer

I’m L. Raquel Peterson (or Lauryn Doll), and I’m a real-world and Full Sail University-educated digital content publisher, marketer and social media trainer. I specialize in helping small businesses in local and regional areas increase marketing results by targeting the right audiences for their products and establishing them as experts within their respective industries. I’m especially passionate about working with creative entrepreneurs who want to add a splash of originality and Hip-Hop flavor to their business marketing, branding and presentation. My previous and current experience in digital content management and social media originated in the late ’90s with AOL and continues today, the Golden Age of Social Media. My work is published in several Hip-Hop and multicultural fashion magazines as well as online at a variety of sites, reflecting my ability to successfully communicate to diverse audiences. My natural conversation skills don’t get lost in translation in the digital realm. My charismatic personality has paved a path for me to experience various blogging, content development, writing and social media marketing opportunities in several industries. You might have seen my work in print or online by the following companies:

Lauryn Doll - Content Strategista

In 1987 a star was born in San Bernardino, CA. Born and raised by his single mother. In 1992 his family relocated to Salisbury,NC. At that time Daniel developed a love for music. Listening to the likes of Outkast, Snoop Dogg, and Jay-Z heavily influenced his decision to do hip-hop music. After moving from school to school his family relocated once again in 1999 to Pittsburgh,Pa. This is around the time he started to take it more serious, realizing its more than just beats and words. His first attempt was with rappers Franchise and Vintage Radio. The rap/hip-hop group was called "D.A." (Deadly Alliance). That lasted about 3 years before it ended abruptly. Kemickal started a solo career and ventured with fellow Pittsburgh MC, Ciego and formed Overlooked Ent. Two years later a management deal was struck with Sunny Boy Music, Inc. The first release under new management was "Hoody Muzik".

Kemickal - Rapper

Though NÜK loved writing and reading poetry and freestyling throughout his childhood, he would have never called writing, rapping and producing to be his career. Born Tommy Lee Louis, the Detroit native spent an equal amount of time rapping as he did bouncing from one school to the other. Son of a traveling businessman, as a child Tommy moved often. As an adult, he finally laid down his roots, settling on the east coast where he would nurture his gift for creating music, full- time. Despite moving around and not maintaining long-term friendships until high school, two things remained consistent in his life, his love for poetry and freestyling. “Poetry is whatever it wants to be in the form of words. I feel that it is more than trapping that moment in time; it is the motion of moving forward. With that in mind, consider me to be more of a progressive poet, than a rapper,” he explains. It wasn’t until his stay in Tennessee that he would develop the ambition to take his talent to the next level. While attending high school in Memphis, Louis befriended a young visionary by the name of DKapa, who was already making moves in the industry. The teens instantly gravitated towards each other, swapping lyrics for sport. “It was all for show- I never wanted to be famous. I just loved to feel the vibes from the lunchroom when I put my words together, but the energy I got from DKapa, forced me to lock in some goals for my future,” NÜK recalls. Taking his cue from his classmate, he kept his already given nickname, NÜK and began familiarizing himself with recording studios only recording pieces for his personal vault. However, there was a bigger challenge that hindered him from giving music 100%. Influenced heavily by his surroundings, the artist was involved in street activity that would support him throughout his young adult years. Relocating back to Michigan, he maintained with one foot in music and the other planted firmly in the streets. Embracing his street lifestyle, the rapper’s lyrics painted pictures of his experiences and told stories of the men in his circle. Yet, all of NÜK’s songs were fluid with his moods, “I had a girlfriend that kept me grounded and positive, so I wrote songs about love. When we parted ways, I rapped about bitches, if I read something in the news that charged my anger, I wrote on social issues. I’m not a one-dimensional artist.” NÜK continued to live his life everyday unchanged until he was involved in a shooting that almost took his life. Sacrificing his street credibility, he abandoned his delinquent lifestyle and centered all his energy into rapping and producing. One of his cousins, who was well-known throughout Michigan committed to investing in him and started to introduce him to local celebrities and industry tastemakers. Surging forward, NÜK’s efforts began to pay off when he recorded the single “Nuttin’ But A Thang,” featuring MC Breed. Before the world lost Breed, the single reached radio stations throughout the nation and into Canada’s air waves. Feeling accomplished, NÜK redefined his name as Nubian Underground King, released his first mixtape The Highway Chronicles in 2011, continues to release singles via the internet and is currently promoting his EP entitled Sketches, which can be found on CD Baby and and putting the finishing touches on his Untitled mixtape set to release in April of 2012.

Nuk - Rapper

Tramille Carty is a producer, songwriter and singer from Ft. Lauderdale, FL. While born in Brooklyn - Brownsville area, Tramille brought Florida to the map with his beautiful Aaron Hall-Tyrese-Charlie Wilson style voice and New York attitude. He uses real acoustics, as well as synths in all of his peices. Tramille is currently part of a studio team being built in Miami, FL. Since a small child, Brooklyn-native, TraMille A. Carty, absorbed the essence and elements of the music world and transformed into a multi-talented composer, performer and artist by the time he was old enough to share his passion with others. Growing up in the church, TraMille was influenced and inspired by his mother, who was an Evangelist, and his father, who was a Minister of Music. This led to his ability to learn and play multiple classes of instruments and dawned the beginning of his journey as a Producer in the world he would become a major part of.   Early in his teenage years, TraMille and his family relocated to South Florida, Ft. Lauderdale in particular. As a freshman at Coconut Creek High School, TraMille coined the nickname, “Traxx (and later Xplitz Xrn),” by his peers and classmates. During this time, he generated a reputation for “spitting crazy rhymes” with great metaphor and using aggressive tones, as “The Undefeated Battle Rapper.” This led to his new role in a group known around South Florida as the Urban Knotts, a 90s-hip hop group that would open many doors and become the commencement of many new techniques for this artist.   The Urban Knotts found that most endeavors would become a success within the local arena; and the group also known as “UK” often opened for National and International acts in the major label industry. Some of these acts included Wyclef Jean, Lauryn Hill, Davina, Mya and Wu-Tang. The list does go on. But, eventually, each member outgrew the group; and like many successful acts, they parted ways.   TraMille’s journey thus continued as he decided it was time to focus on his personal career and individual projects. Relocating to New Jersey, TraMille was introduced to a cousin that would aid in the development of his personal focus. Together, they made magic happen at All Day, Inc., an entertainment company founded by his cousin, Desmond L. Wattley Jr. TraMille setup shop as the House Producer and later released a compilation project under All Day, Inc.’s list of releases. This compilation gained International attention in the Underground Hip Hop scene, using the Internet as a means of distribution to fans overseas. A difference of opinion between the two cousins led to TraMille’s departure from the label and the abrupt return to Ft. Lauderdale. His pursuit was to continue on the path that he originally set out to walk. What he didn’t know was that the path was about to become wider and that there were a lot more surprises in store for this young man.   Upon returning to Florida, TraMille reacquainted himself with old friends and, in the process, was introduced to a man by the name of Christian Lucca. Christian, at that time, was a local promoter that made a name for himself by managing several local artists in South Florida.Upon realization that they shared the same vision for the future of the entertainment industry, Power Moves, Inc. was quickly formed. This entity has since grown into the existence of what is now known as Power Moves The World, LLC, currently located in Orlando, FL.   Through Power Moves, TraMille continues to embed his emotion into the World of Music, one track at a time. While TraMille continues to demonstrate what true Hip Hop is through lyric and flow, he is helping to shape a new generation of musicians and artists through collaboration, songwriting and production. Additionally, TraMille has finally embraced his vocal abilities, as his band, P.U.R.E., joins him to perform live on stages across the country. TraMille has just completed his newest album, “The Doubbled Standard,” and will be releasing a new mixtape following the release of the album. “The Doubbled Standard” brings back “feel good music” in fusion with today’s trends and ideals. This is promised to be a classic album to R&B fans everywhere, especially those that have lost faith in the direction music has gone!  Major Influences: Influences include but are not limited to Michael Jackson, Prince, KRS One, Big Daddy Kane, Special Ed, Rakim, L.L.Cool J., Cool G. Rap, Busta Rhymes, Redman, Method Man, The Notorious BIG, Quincy Jones, Dr. Dre, and Timbaland.   Skills: Singer, Rapper, Songwriter, Composer, and Producer (Instruments: Bass Guitar, Drums, Guitar, Keyboard)

Tramille Carty - Producer & Singer

Donielle Remon Rivers aka DROP, comes by way of Pensacola, Florida, now residing in Orlando, FL. Drops career began at the early age of 10 when he sparked an interested in rap after being inspired by the late, great,Tupac Shakur. In 2006 Drop was struck by a devastating tragedy. He walked in and found his best friend dead from a gunshot to the head. Devastated from the shock of losing Jason, Drop laid off of music for a minute. Only to return even more determined than before. In late 2007 Drop released his first solo project entitled Free Agent. In 2008, he releasd Been Through It All which caught the interest of DJ Prostyle All Pro Records. By the end of his first solo year, Drop had become an affiliate of All Pro Records, headed by DJ Prostyle. Within six months, Drop was an artist on the All Pro label, which was an awesome experience. Shout out to DJ Prostyle. During his run with All Pro Records, he released his second solo mixtape NO ROOKIE hosted by DJ Prostyle and DJ Drama. The mixtape was introduced by P Diddy, with voice drops from DJ Khaled, Fabulous, Ron Browse, Roy Jones Jr, Marquis Daniels and more. No Rookie The Mixtape included features from Lil Boosie, Gorilla Zoe, Papa Duck and more. His single from the No Rookie Mixtape entitled In Love With Myself gained airplay on several radio stations state to state. Continuing to pursue his dreams, Drop released his third mixtape entitled Brutha From Anutha recorded with NBA player Marquis Daniels Boston Celtics hosted by DJ Scream of Atlanta, GA. Because of Drops grind, lyrics and stage performance, he has had the opportunity of performing with numerous artists. Including but not limited to: Young Jeezy, Lil Boosie, Plies, Rick Ross, Trina, Lil Flip, Gucci, Mr. Magic, Gorilla Zoe, Webbie and more. 
In 2009, Drop, his brother and his mother, established No Rookie Entertainment. In 2010, No Rookie Entertainment, released Drops new hit single, WOW.

Drop - Rapper

Toi was Michigan born, growing up she lived and traveled with her uncle, former NFL player Reggie Allen. Traveling her entire life, he and Toi’s mother invested greatly in Toi’s dancing, modeling and acting talents. Toi even went to 3 different schools for performing arts, this mixed beauty had seen it all. In the 2000’s she had inherited a hefty sum from her uncle to invest into her career. Modeling for years as a hobby and profession she found herself competing in beauty pageants for fun and she won. In 2007 Toi settled in Orlando, Fl jumping straight into the entertainment scene. At 18 Toi became certified in Personal Training and a certified fitness coach. She worked out along side big names and was eventually hired to do one on one personal training and fitness dancing sessions; from there she was even asked to model products & dance with more celebs. In her spare time, she still attends school, and finds time for her hobbies. Toi is quoted saying she does what she wants and she lives every day like it her last. She is traveling and booking every single weekend. She is still young and very driven which makes her the perfect person to have in anyone’s life.Toi was Michigan born, growing up she lived and traveled with her uncle, former NFL player Reggie Allen. Traveling her entire life, he and Toi’s mother invested greatly in Toi’s dancing, modeling and acting talents. Toi even went to 3 different schools for performing arts, this mixed beauty had seen it all. In the 2000’s she had inherited a hefty sum from her uncle to invest into her career. Modeling for years as a hobby and profession she found herself competing in beauty pageants for fun and she won. In 2007 Toi settled in Orlando, Fl jumping straight into the entertainment scene. At 18 Toi became certified in Personal Training and a certified fitness coach. She worked out along side big names and was eventually hired to do one on one personal training and fitness dancing sessions; from there she was even asked to model products & dance with more celebs. In her spare time, she still attends school, and finds time for her hobbies. Toi is quoted saying she does what she wants and she lives every day like it her last. She is traveling and booking every single weekend. She is still young and very driven which makes her the perfect person to have in anyone’s life.

Toi Rhara - Model, Dancer & Host

Young Folk aka J Cutta grew up in St. Pete, Florida. Southern bred and groomed, he created a style different from the normal perception of a southern artist. HIs talent derives from a musically inclined family, and while perfecting his craft, migrated to Pittsburgh, PA. There, he was introduced to a new style, which he incorporated into his unique southern style. He is currently working on his debut album, entitled, "From Da Ground Up," which entails his real-life experiences, from past to present.

Young Folk - Rapper

With a flavor that boasts of a soulful Motown-inspired swagger wrapped in a commercial hip-pop appeal, and a dash of exotic middle-eastern spice, Hanan is known to leave her growing fan base wanting more after each encounter. Her sultry voice penetrates the ear and moves the soul with a vocal style that transcends the usual R&B complimentary riffs and ad-libs. Hanans music appeals to the masses with a project that gives everybody something - from up-tempo, "single worthy" club bangers to soul-stirring ballads. As a singer/songwriter, Hanan is taking the music world by storm, outperforming most of todays chart toppers. The gifted vocalist writes her songs with intentions only to paint a vivid picture stroked onto audio canvas. Her songs tell the stories of her life....... and perhaps the story of yours. Armed with the talent, drive, and charisma to take her to the tops of the music charts, Hanan is in position to claim the title given to her by her industry peers as Detroits own International Superstar!

Hanan - Singer

Poetic of Treal, born Isaac Harrell on January 10, 1985 in Orlando, Florida, started writing and flowing around his third-grade year in school. Growing up primarily with his mother on the westside of Orlando, he often found himself in and out of the streets. It often appeared that he would become destined for failure.  Once kicked out of Oakridge High School in the ninth grade, Isaac returned to the streets with his brother, Case. Recognized and respected by local goons, he quickly became the neighborhood drug dealer.  Eventually, Isaac would realize that he needed to break away from the streets.  He soon became acquainted with Eliseo of Treal after applying for a job at Taco Bell. There, he began to freestyle for Eliseo, while aweing a crowd that unknowingly included the other two members of Treal. In 2003, Treal would be home too four of the crunkest rappers known to the Florida hip hop movement. It was at this time that Isaac Harrell became Poetic, one-quarter of hip hop group, Treal, that would go on to create hit songs, such as "Im Not Lockdown," "Dont Worry Bout Mine," "Spaceship," "Zonen" and much more.   While Treal continues to dominate Florida hip hop and the Southeast, in general, each member has begun to work on solo projects. Among these solo projects, Poetic has released two mixtapes. In 2008, "Moment of Truth" hosted by DJ Trashy hit the streets. And in 2009, "Twist Da Industry" was released. This mixtape was mixed by Cheeze from Treal and hosted by DJ Jay Rock, Orlandos own. This mixtape includes Poetics acclaimed "Impatient," which has attracted much attention through its video release found just about everywhere on the web.   For 2010, Poetic plans to launch a few new projects as a solo artist. He continues to tour, make appearances, write for other artists, collab and produce for himself, Treal, and other artists in the industry. He and the rest of Treal are planning on many other projects throughout the year, as a group. They have also been planning to tour more in this upcomming year.

Poetic of Treal - Rapper


"The Sabir Bey Show is 'Pure EDU-TAINMENT' tackling issues within the community and on the topics of Law, History, Culture, Politics, Religion, Society, and Health by incorporating TRUE Hip Hop and Urban Music in bringing together a full circle of understanding with current culture and society conflicts. The Sabir Bey Show includes guest appearances by award-winning celebrities and respected elders of the Moorish Nation and Pan Africanism."

Sabir Bey




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Shorty Produkshins offers Internet Marketing specialty in the Areas of Social Branding and Event Marketing through SEO and SEM, design, conversation, interaction, social media and more.






Shorty Produkshins is Internet Marketing Orlando, Social Branding Orlando, Event Marketing Orlando, Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, Memphis and Pittsburgh! Shorty Productions.




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