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Shorty Produkshins is an Online Promotions Company specializing in Social Branding and Event Marketing via Advanced Internet Marketing and SEO tactics in Orlando, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Memphis, Detroit and more areas around the world. Originally known for Pittsburgh Hip Hop and Hip Hop Orlando, Shorty Produkshins expanded into Atlanta Hip Hop, Memphis Hip Hop, and Detroit Hip Hop, as well as Internet Marketing Orlando, Internet Marketing Pittsburgh, Internet Marketing Memphis and Detroit, as well as Internet Marketing Atlanta. Shorty Produkshins is also the "go-to" for Orlando Event Marketing, Orlando Social Branding, Pittsburgh Social Branding, Event Marketing Pittsburgh, and Social Branding in Altanta, Event Marketing Atlanta, Memphis, and Detroit. Shorty Produkshins is a New Era in Royalty... And reminds you to Brand Social.
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With over ten years of expertise in Internet Marketing, Social Branding and Event Marketing (before it was "the thing to do"), Shorty Produkshins has provided optimal service for those in many facets of the Entertainment Industry, Small Business, Education, Non Profit Sectors and Community Projects. As a leader in the Orlando and Pittsburgh markets, it's no wonder that most clients actually come recommended by previous ones. Shorty Produkshins doesn't just provide Pittsburgh and Orlando with Internet Marketing service. We have also gained a growing presence in Atlanta, Memphis, Detroit and Los Angeles, while maintaining our current markets and providing individuals and firms with our advanced products and service lines.

Shorty Produkshins optimizes all content deliverables for distribution on the web and for accelerated placement within search engines. Any content created by Shorty Produkshins will be customized for higher search rankings and to ensure successful brand awareness to specific target audiences. Often misunderstood, Search Engine Optimization is more than the placement of a few keywords on a web page and remains a much deeper science than multiple backlinks pointing to one web presence. Through years of experience and research, we have mastered this science. We are Shorty Produkshins. We strive to bring your idea alive, while keying in on your target audiences.

All projects are based on time, budget, expense allowances, needs, goals and reach. Most projects will need to be quoted for pricing concerns, while others retain a consistent value. Discounts and specials are implemented through affiliations with organizations and colleges and/or service promotions. We work with your budgets in bringing your brand catered success.

Working with or without "Non Disclosure," let us optimize your brand for the net!

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Shorty Produkshins provides Social Branding to major metropolitan areas like Internet Marketing Orlando, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Memphis and Detroit.

Social Branding

Shorty Produkshins has designed the ultimate Social Branding experience in delivering your brand to target markets around the globe. Social Branding is needed by nearly every brand in Today's evolving World and is detrimental to the brand's success over time. What do potential consumers think of your brand, based on presence? Contact us today for customized results to better suit your needs!

Social Branding Packages are available on a Monthly Basis, in both "Basic Needs" Packaging and "Superstar" Packaging. Although priced at a much higher rate, "One-Time Jumpstart" Packagings are also available upon request. Pricing is based for "One-Times" varies based on criteria of budget and scope.



Let Shorty Produkshins pack your venue with high class Event Marketing services. A mixture of SEO, landing pages, Social Networking, Event Branding, Sponsorship, Event Sites, Blogging, Press Releases and MORE will get your Event to be a talked about success!

Event Marketing

Responsible for a high success rate for hundreds of events, Shorty Produkshins offers Event Marketing services to Local and National consumers. Whether you are a small business, local artist, festival planner or live event venue owner, our Event Marketing Services creates Brand & Event Awareness, Social Conversation, Anticipation and Advanced SEO Possibilities to your brand's web presence.

Event Marketing Packages are created to fit your needs. While we only brand events ONLINE, as well as market them Online, Street Teams are available for hire upon request. Event Marketing Packages are availble in Local, Regional, National and International orders and purchases prices are dictated per Event, Weekly, or Monthly needs. We encourage a MINIMUM of three weeks prior to marketing an event to ensure success. Otherwise, two weeks and less may mean a much lower attendance rate!



Shorty Produkshins has been known for quality graphic design, including design for logos, flyers, cd album covers, dvd covers, and even web sites!

Design Strategies

Let us contribute to your brand's over all success using our customized Design Strategies. Whether your brand actually needs branded with logo, color schemes and font styles (presented in a Project Book format to be used as reference when working within the company or for outsourcing purposes) or it needs designs for websites and event flyers, let us help you get the idea across via powerful imagery and color usage.

*From the 21st until the end of every month, Shorty Produkshins offers a sitewide $50 off all graphic services with the use of promo code: "BRANDSOCIAL21-1"




Shorty Produkshins now provides services in Public Relations, including Press Releases, Blogging, Web Copy, Content Generation, Brand Monitoring and so on!

Public Relations

Shorty Produkshins offers Public Relations Servicing to those who seek Copywriting and Brand Awareness items on an "as-needed" basis. Not everyone has it in their budget to include an intense Social Branding Package; and some have a successful presence already. Whatever the reason may be, Shorty Produkshins provides individual servicing to those seeking professionally written and persuasive copy in the form of Press Releases, Social Media Releases, Sales Pitching, Professional Biographies, Brand Blogging, and more!



There are two types of Mobile Marketing for our ever evolving worlds. Shorty Produkshins uses multichannel mobile marketing platforms, such as Trumpia, for delivery to those platforms (i.e. SMS, MMS, Social, iPad, iPhone, etc.). Shorty Produkshins also engages in Mobile Optimization for Mobile Sites and Apps, Mobile Advertising and more!

Mobile Marketing

Dramatic increases in the way people do business, connect to the Internet and share information Online are due to the rise of Mobile Access. Today, the most personal way to reach a target audience member is through the use of individual mobile devices. Mobile Marketing is one of the most effective means in reaching this potential consumer, primarily due to the lack of Mobile Marketing in the overall marketplace and the frequency of interactive user activity within niche mobile arenas. Let's take advantage of this opportunity! Because, while the practice of Mobile Marketing is on the rise, your brand has the power to reach newer heights in the "pre-saturation" stages of this science. Let us generate a Mobile Marketing Action Plan, create Mobile Platforms for your brand, and even execute your Multi-Channel Marketing for Mobile Delivery!



Through subsidary and subbrand J Abraham Consultants, Jessica N. Abraham of Shorty Produkshins offers 24/7 live telephone consultation through Ingenio and MyPhoneSite.


Shorty Produkshins provides one-on-one consultation at any time of the day through J. Abraham Consultant's "24/7 Internet Marketing Consultation by Phone." Providing you with quality consultation at a third of the standard industry rate, J. Abraham Consultants allows clientele to seek per-minute advice on Interent Marketing topics without the stress of meeting someone else's business schedule or paying hourly for time that goes unused or refunded.

Consultation through J. Abraham Consultants starts at $1.49 a minute, in which you only use the minutes you actually need, as compared to most companies that charge $200 an hour where you actually lose time and money that goes unused. In addition to the money that you save on a per-minute consultation, you will also recieve $6.00 in credits for just testing out our services!









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Shorty Produkshins offers Internet Marketing specialty in the Areas of Social Branding and Event Marketing through SEO and SEM, design, conversation, interaction, social media and more.
  • Budget & Needs-Based Social Branding Packages
  • Weekly and Monthly Event Marketing Deals
  • Mobile Marketing and Commerce Options
  • 24/7 Internet Marketing Telephone Consultation
  • SEO, SEM, and other Internet Marketing Options
  • Design & Interactivity Tools and Maintenance
  • Internet Marketing & Social Branding Action Plans
  • Social Media Creation & Branding
  • Web Development






Shorty Produkshins is Internet Marketing Orlando, Social Branding Orlando, Event Marketing Orlando, Atlanta, Detroit, Los Angeles, Memphis and Pittsburgh!




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