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Shorty Produkshins, not spelled Shorty Productions, is an Online Promotions Company that specializes in Social Branding and Event Marketing in places like Orlando, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and more!
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Brand Socially.

Leave an impression with Social Branding Campaigns.

Social Branding Packages are customized and fine-tuned to fit your brand and campaign needs. Upon meeting with a representative for Shorty Produkshins, whether in person or via the net, you will find that there will be a difference between FULL Social Branding Packages and Bare Minimum Packages.

Pricing on these packages will vary upon what is actually going to go into them, as some tasks and products require more time and specialty into creating the ultimate end result!

Ideal packaging may include the following:


  • Social Presences Created and Maintaned to Coordinate with Each Other for Consistency
  • Social Network Site (for Niche Markets)
  • Pay Per Click Campaigns
  • Market Research
  • Search Engine Optimized Content and Social Media
  • Social Media Creation
  • Necessary Mobile Application
  • Necessary Widgets
  • Web Analysis and Optimization of Campaigns
  • Social Media and Press Releases
  • Merchandise and Online Shops
  • Social Media and Content Placement
  • Brand Blogging and Submissions
  • Design Graphics
  • Friend Adds, Follows and Blasts
  • Ad Placement
  • Cross Promotional Opportunities
  • Revenue-Generating Brand Placement
  • Submissions into Industry Associated Products/Events
  • Backlinking
  • Mobile Marketing



  • Social Presences Created to Coordinate with Each Other for Consistency
  • Pay Per Click Campaigns
  • Market Research
  • Search Engine Optimized Content and Social Media
  • Social Media Creation
  • Necessary Widgets
  • Social Media and Press Releases


All expenses incurred for things like SEM and placement are under responsibility of the CLIENT. However, many fees are discounted through Shorty Produkshins affiliates and affiliations. Additional products and services are available to create spectacular brand campaigns. However, services such as Website creation and Logo Design are separate from Social Branding Packages. These services will receive a HUGE discount if done in correlation with Social Branding Campaign Packages.

Discounts are available for Social Branding Packages, however not applicable if there is a "current special" discount price. Retail is already dirt cheap, based on quality, effectiveness, reach and experience.We cannot afford to go any lower than the sale price.







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Shorty Produkshins offers Internet Marketing specialty in the Areas of Social Branding and Event Marketing through SEO and SEM, design, conversation, interaction, social media and more.