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Shorty Produkshins, not spelled Shorty Productions, is an Online Promotions Company that specializes in Social Branding and Event Marketing in places like Orlando, Pittsburgh, Atlanta and more!
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Social Media Release.

Press Releases Made Viral.

Social Media Releases are a very cool and super efficient version of the traditional Press Release that creates anticipation, awareness and enthusiasm for a product release or event. It is also the disclaimer statement to the press for an event that went wrong. A Press Release is the liason between a brand's management and the Press or Media Outlets. Once the press receives a release, it will decide whether or not to write, edit or include the story in publications to be distributed to audiences.

A Social Media Release contains information about a particular release of information, usually based on a product, service or event in the past or future. It brings awareness to the public through media outlets, but also through search engines -- as most SMRs are achived on the net -- especially in Press Room sections of web sites. SMRs allow for more inclusion of content in various places to be copied, shared and embedded into Social Platforms for markets to consume.

These are very organized lifeforms, bringing your brand "to life" on the virtual paper they mimic. They usually include video, audio, and photos. Also included are links to Social Network Profiles (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). There are links to Music Outlets, such as ReverbNation, Soundcloud, Mixcloud, LastFM and the likes. Official sites and sites of interests find themselves nestled into the text.

Proof of information and sitations are a plus. Contact information and About Us sections are great for verifying and getting to know sources, as well as approved quotes from actual personel involved in the story.

All SMRs have the ability to be optimized and found through search engines, whether Google or personal site searches. Media outlets are always on the search for the next best story. But, if they do not see your story, how will they ever know it exists to decide if it is worthy for inclusion on their platform?

That being said, you haven't technically read an actual Press Release. But, you have just witnessed the formatting of! Do you see how beneficial this could be for your brand if sent to multiple media outlets around the Globe? Check out the Current Discounts section of the site today! You will be happy you did!


About Shorty Produkshins
Shorty Produkshins is an Online Promotions Company, specializing in Social Branding and Event Marketing and enlisting in the practices of Advanced Internet Marketing Strategy, assisted through the usage of accelerated Search Engine Optimization tactic. Shorty Produkshins works with a variety of businesses including, but not limited to, the music world and fashion industries, athletics, social networks, non-profit organizations, small businesses, events and venues in providing the ultimate interactive experience in connecting their brand with specific target audiences.

Shorty Produkshins executes the practices of Social Branding and Event Marketing in taking a brand to the next level through social platforms, interactive tools, optimization and trade secret techniques in creating a strong web presence for each particular brand and subsidiarial trademark. Shorty Produkshins actively connects current and potential consumers with a dedicated brand loyalty and awareness that will lead to stronger demands for that brand, while ensuring higher ROIs from their associated product lines.


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Shorty Produkshins offers Internet Marketing specialty in the Areas of Social Branding and Event Marketing through SEO and SEM, design, conversation, interaction, social media and more.